H6S Single Rock Regulator

H6S – Single Rock Regulator

The H6S Rock Regulator is fantastically designed to deliver 300MJ/HR at 2.75kpa of LPG. This particular setup is used where the Gasfitter is looking at installing a single LPG gas cylinder. The H6S Rock Regulator is suitable for applications such as boats, caravans, pie trucks and general households. This regulator also includes a plug on the left hand side of the 2nd stage part of the regulator which enables you to remove and install a 1/8 MBSP test point allowing you to check your gas pressure. Stainless steel screws are also included with the regulator allowing this to be a great option for boat users when subject to salt water conditions. Copper Pigtail length is 450mm allowing this to be suitable for up to 45kg LPG gas cylinders. The regulator is both approved with UL144 & AGA Approval.

Single Rock Regulator






Inlet Connection: ¼ FNPT


Outlet Connection:  ½ FBSP


Capacity:  300MJ/hr (LPG)


Outlet Pressure: 2.75kpa


UL Approval Number: UL144


AGA Approval Number: 7995G

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