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The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Regulator “the Rock” is since more than 30 years the reliable product to regulate LP gas. The LPG regulator is produced under strict supervision in Japan and satisfies customers around the world. It is manufactured from the finest materials and assembled and tested using procedures second to none. Regular quality controls prove since more than 30 years the trustworthiness of the product. When the LP Gas Regulator is properly installed, safe, trouble-free and precise service is the result.


The rock is available in three different options with supplementing equipment.

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The options are the Single, Twin and Manual version that provide in every completion perfection.

The high performance regulator is designed for pigtail connection to LP gas containers with a maximum working pressure of 1.750kPa. It can accept an inlet pressure from 2.55 – 3.25kPa. It is factory set to 2.75kPa. The recommended operating temperature range is -20 to +60 C. For checking the outlet pressure from the first stage and second stage assembly test point connections (1/8” BSP) are provided. The regulator has a ¼’ NPT female inlet and depending the bare version a ½ BSP female outlet and incorporates an integral relief valve which complies with the over pressure requirements of UL 144 Type 2 (see AS/NZS 1596:2008 Clause 6.10.3) – UL listed and especially for Australians AGA certified. (


All LP gas regulators include H6SCW Mounting screws to be easy attached to walls.

Depending on the chosen LP Gas Regulator models the installer has the chance to modify the regulator, depending on how many cylinders should be installed and how many mega joules and type of application the LP Gas regulator will be used.

The Rock is available as a Bare, Single, Twin and Manual version which fulfil different requirements such as connections to one or two pigtails with connected cylinders or a manual changeover valve. Choose with the rock regulator models, different pigtails, such as copper in different sizes with a ¼ Inverted Flare x POL connection or Stainless Steel flexible pigtail ¼ Inverted Flare x POL connection with or without hand wheels.

The LP gas regulator is ideal up to 400 mega joule per hour for large domestic and commercial such as usual households also “tiny houses”, caravans and boats.